ALMS Registration Expired Red Comm Status Green Sync Status

I have several RV50 and RV55 devices that were communicating great with ALMS and then just stopped. In ALMS it says “Registration Expired”. The devices are online and I can click on the IP address and open the login page from ALMS but the Comm status is RED and the Sync status is GREEN. How is that possible? It’s synced but can’t communicate? WTH?

More and more of my devices are doing this. I need assistance with this please.

Hi @Mitzi.Smith ,
Please try reset your devices then try again.
If it doesn’t work, please try reset factory and then try again
If the issue still happens, please share with me the screenshot of the issue.


Hi there,

I will try rebooting these devices again but they are in production in the field and are located in different states, out on well pads and cannot be reset to factory without someone being on site in case something goes wrong. This isn’t feasible for us.

This is a screenshot of one of the devices with the issue and there are many others. Green Sync, Red Comm and Registration Expired at the bottom in red circles to make it easier to see what I’m trying to explain.

Thank you for your assistance with this!

Hi @Mitzi.Smith ,
You can reset to factory your Airlink RV50 by access to ACEmanager in Admin session → Reset → Reset to Factory Default.


There are hundreds of these all over the country. I cannot reset to factory unless I am onsite with the device in case it doesn’t come back up. There must be another way to resolve this.

There is a work around for this but it is very time consuming. Log into each device and change the protocol in ALMS to MSCI. Then the COMM status will go green. However, then the templates that were created using LWM2M are no longer available to select from when you want to push a template with a password change. Same with ALEOS firmware. For the cost of ALMS per year, we should not have to be doing all this. We definitely should not be asked to reset hundreds of devices to factory and reconfigure them. Sierra Wireless, there must be some way to fix this on your side.