VoIP over RV50X on Private IP Verizon Network using DMNR

I’m trying to use a Cisco IP phone over an RV50X on a Private IP Verizon Network with DNMR enabled. I had some issues getting the phone to register over the connection, but changed the MTU size on the DMNR and new the phone is registering. I can make a call and hear the person I call, but they cannot make out what I’m saying. So, one way the audio works well, but the other person cannot understand what I’m saying. MTU size is set to 1300 and MSS is 1200. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi david.mckinnon,

Could you provide gateway’s system log by following steps?

  1. Go Admin -> Log Configure Logging, set Verbosity of these sub systems to Debug : Cellular, LAN, Services, Network Services, set the rest of sub system to Info. “Display in Log” set to Yes.
  2. Reboot boot the gateway.
  3. Perform your test again.
  4. Go Admin -> View log -> Download Logs



Thanks for your help on this, here is the log you asked for.

I was able to hear the person I called, but they can only hear some noise on their end.


VoIP Call Log filteredlogs.txt (906 KB)

Hi david.mckinnon

Sierra is also aware of this issue. The software team will have future advice.