Using makefiles generation with DS 2.3.0

Dear DS users,

With the 2.3.0 release, we’ve integrated as a beta feature the possibility to handle Open AT application build thanks to makefiles.
We are exploring this way because of several annoying behaviors of the internal builder, reported through the feedbacks we got all these three last years.
What should be expected for this “new” (or let’s say alternative) build system solution:

  • Better management of dependencies and incremental build
  • Better build performances (at least on Linux hosts)
  • Capability to handle builds without invoking DS (even in headless mode) once the makefiles are generated

Please note that this builder is only available for ARM EABI GCC & RVDS toolchains.

To enable the make builder, you have two options:

  • If you want to set it as the default builder for new projects, you can update the preference on the Window > Preferences > Developer Studio > Build page. Once this preference is modified, all new created projects will use the make builder.
  • For an already created project, you can change the used builder on the Project Properties > C/C++ Build > Tool Chain Editor > Current builder page. Note that it is recommended to manually delete the output folder of your project before triggering a new build.

We are hoping your feedback about this beta feature, so please feel free to post here your experience, if you’re getting troubles (or not !) with it, etc…

Thanks & Regards

Why would non-Linux hosts be different :question:

From what we experienced, on the same PC hardware configuration, running a “make” command is faster on Linux than on Windows (better implementation, better integration with the system shell…??)

What ‘make’ implementation do you use :question:

We have integrated the one provided by the MinGW MSYS project.
Suggestions are welcome if you have a faster one!