Parallel builds disables incremental building


Not sure if this is an Eclipse CDT problem or Developer Studio specific: When you enabled parallel builds under Project->Properties->C/C++ Build->Behaviour, incremental building no longer works. In stead, all source files are always built from scratch, even if there had been no changes to source files or project settings. This is particularly annoying when you just want to relaunch a debugging session with the firmware that’s already on the device. It insists on rebuilding everything and downloading it again, changing a 10 second exercise into several minutes. For now, I’ve changed the debug settings to not automatically build on launch, which helps with that scenario.

I full rebuild of our source tree takes 5 minutes. With a parallel build on my 4 core pc, it drops to just over a minute, so I would really like to use the feature. Any suggestions?


It is a CDT issue, opened on Eclipse side:
Please feel free to vote for it.
Anyway, we’re wondering about giving up with the CDT internal builder, and give a try with a good old makefile system. This will probably help a lot on many topics.


Thanks, suspected as much.

CDT isn’t bad, but I have been caught out by settings not propagating correctly, for example, changing symbols or paths under C/C++ General isn’t always reflected under C/C++ Build -> Settings. Perhaps CDT has become too complicated.


I wasn’t meaning completely giving up with CDT, but at least change the build system to make it generate makefiles and call make, instead of using the CDT internal Java builder.
Agree on the fact that CDT already handles a large set of features we’re really happy to integrate “of the shell”, but it sounds like they’re more and more focused on makefile generation and Linux-style build than on the internal builder.