Strange Build Behavior


In every build environment I’ve ever used, the source files are always built in the same order. File1 is built, then File2, then File 3, etc. So when you build a project and File2 is found to have an error I’m used to correcting that error and then rebuilding the project. The first file that is rebuilt in this case should be File2. One of the many reasons for this way of doing things is so you immediately know if you fixed the compile error, and if you didn’t fix the problem, you can continue working on the problem until it is solved. But this build environment seems to bounce around, building files in a seemingly random order. In my expereience, after File2 is found to have an error, and I try to fix the error, and when I recompile the first file that is built is File3. If my fix for File2 doesn’t work then I don’t find out until File100 is built and then the build environment comes back around again and tells me File2 is still broken. Then I have to remember what were the problems and what did I fix and figure out why that fix didn’t work…

Is there a way to make the build order fixed so the files are built in the same order and therefore, the build order is more predictable and issues can be resolved serially rather than randomly?


I’m not sure if what I’ve seen is exactly what you describe, but I certainly find that it has a definite propensity to “overlook” files so that I think I’ve fixed everything - until I do a full rebuild and a whole buch of errors re-surface!

What with that and the mis-ordering of messages, I find it a very unproductive environment. :angry:


Some of it may be this: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=4306&p=17213#p17213


Default behaviour of Eclipse & CDT.
A bug exists in CDT bugzilla:
Don’t hesitate to comment/vote for it.