Suggest: Improve handling of project errors

If the ‘Problems’ list shows a compiler/source problem, double-clicking it takes you to the appropriate source line.

But double-clicking “Project” errors - eg, “bad include path” - does nothing at all. It would be helpful if this would open the appropriate dialogue to fix the reported error…

Example: :question:

Logged for investigation.
Even if we can’t overload the double-click behaviour since implemented in the “Eclipse part”, we’ll take a look on implementing a “quick fix” extension (i.e. enable the Quick fix link in the right-click menu of the problem entry; this is the Eclipse common way of proposing solutions to fix problems)

That could work…

Another example:

I’d re-arranged my project, which necessitated changing the include paths.

According to the ‘Console’ view, the build was successful - with zero warnings;
But, according to the ‘Problems’ view, there were 3 bad paths.

I eventually tracked this down to the fact that the include paths are duplicated under both ‘ARM ELF GCC C Compiler’ and ‘ARM ELF GCC C++ Compiler’ - I had only updated the ‘C’ ones, and not the C++ ones.

Because my project has no C++ files, the build was successful - but something was still complaining about the entries for the C++ compiler!

This is another annoyance with Eclipse - the way that there are so many different ways to affect one setting!

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