More problems with Linker error reporting - Multiple Def'n

References: … bf9ff96720 … =78&t=3578

A “Multiple Definition” Linker error also does not appear in the problems list.

This seems to be a general problem that no Linker errors get into the ‘Problems’ list :question:

The cause of the “Multiple Definition” Linker error was M2MStudio creating a duplicate generated.c file - see:

Fixed in 1.1.2: we’ve reviewed the error parser in order to match the missing errors raised by the linker.

Does this also fix the problem where double clicking on a linker error in the problems window takes you to the .o file?

Yes, such kind of error will be redirected to the corresponding source file.

Both of those links are now broken - see: Lots of missing topics!


Just to note that Linker errors now (DS 1.2.0) do seem to be geting into the ‘Problems’ list.
Excellent! :smiley:

They’re listed as, “C/C++ Problem” - which isn’t strictly true… :wink: