Eclipse IDE Bug - compiler looks for files in wrong location


The Eclipse IDE seems to have a bug causing the compiler to look for project/source files in the wrong location in the file system.

Right after a fresh install of Wavecom Open AT Software Suite v2.11 (the bug is there in v2.10 too…), i follow the Hello World tutorial by the book. I chose to name my project hello_word and as for the project directory I chose c:\tests\open_at\hello_word.

When it is time to compile (“Launch the build by clicking the “Build (RTE)” item”), nothing happens and the console output shows only two lines:

Error launching builder (/c/tests/open_at/hello_world/LoadIde.bat -p wmmake -RTE )
(Exec error:Launching failed)

If you look carefully, the first line seems a little odd for a Windows command line. It seems that someone tried to compose a command line and did a poor job - the letter “c” is interpreted as a folder, and not the drive´s name…

To test my assumption, I tried to “fool” the IDE: created a folder in the root of my hard drive, and named it “c” - effectively, c:\c. Then I copied the whole bunch of files generated by the wizard inside this new folder. So, my project directory is now c:\c\tests\open_at\hello_word.

Guess what happens when I click “Build (RTE)” again? Success!

\c\tests\open_at\hello_world\LoadIde.bat -p wmmake -RTE 
Loading Open AT IDE...
Loading project settings...
Updating hello_world.mak file from Software Common Settings...
Building mingw_hello_world_256KB project...
    Launch a full library or binary process
... Dependency graph is being built ...
... Build sources filtering rules for mingw_hello_world_256KB

Did anyone else encounter this bug? Am I doing anything wrong here?

Thanks for any comment on this matter.




I am not even a bit satisfied with this sollution, but here it goes…

  1. Do a clean, fresh Windows XP reinstall
  2. Reinstall the entire Wavecom SDK

It works, then… I tried reinstalling only the Wavecom SDK, in many different ways (registry cleaning, manual erasing, downloaded and installed different SDK versions from Wavecom website), but it only worked after reinstalling the entire Windows XP operating system.

PS: I think it was a good thing to use a virtual machine (VMWare); now I can leave my PC operating system unaffected by the bad quality software included in Wavecom SDK. Whenever I need, I can restart from scratch with a clean virtual machine…

If anyone finds a better sollution, please post to the forum… Thanks!