Open AT Build make.exe Error

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me what the following means or where I can find out some information:

c:\OpenAT\IDE\MINGW\\bin\make.exe: *** [make_single_bin] Error 1
[wmmake error #1] Build error.

This happens with Open AT 2.10 devlopment enviorment. There are no messages reported during the complile process, build or rebuild.



Look in /your_project/gcc/out/*.log for errors. I don’t know why Wavecom feels the need to hide error messages. Probably because they print out so much crap that they decided to hide everything. :confused:

It depends on the error. If you can’t find it in the log you should try:
Clean RTE/Target
Build RTE/Target
Clean RTE/Target
Close Eclipse
Open the project again (.scs file)
Build RTE/Target