problem testing the HelloWorld


Did anyone know how to solve this problem

I use VC++6.0 and load the Open AT SDK V3.14 I got from the training course into my computer

When I build a project sample ( say HelloWorld ) it did not generate DWL files.

Similarly encounter when I create new project, with only a comment line

instead I get error message as below

make ***[make_single_bin] Error 1

[wm make error #1 ] Build Error

I try using Eclipse. Similary result

I suspect linking error.

Is there some setting I missed during installation or setup?


Why do you suspect that?

Linking happens after compiling - so do you see all the messages that confirm that compiling worked?

One thing to note: the build tools won’t work if there are any spaces anywhere is any pathnames used by the tools and/or the source files…


Yes, compling is OK. it then goes to linking and then I get this error.
I have try reinstall SDK, and also in other computer.
I try using C++ 6.00 and also Eclipse. All same result.

see portion of capture log

… Compiling hello_world.c

Copy all needed library and object files

Make links C:/OpenAT/OS/3.13.02/ADL/gcc_wmadl_3. …/out/gcc_wmadl_3.

… Link step in progress …

… Link gcc_Hello_World.bin …

make: *** [make_single_bin] Error 1
[wmmake error #1] Build error.


We get a new SDK installation disk from our local distributor and reload and everything is fine now.

Look like my SDK was broken.