Link error

I copied sample adl project (src/HelloWorld.c) into my project folder

Then I typed in cygwin:
wmnew -name hello -path /cygdrive/c/…/project_folder
–>Check Environment settings…
–>Building bin project settings file…

then there existed hello.scs and wmnew.opt files
then I opened the hello.scs file, openat wizard opened, I chosed adl, binary and existing project and then microsoft visual C++ 6.0 opened and it created:
arm and gcc folders

there is mak folder in gcc folder which has customer,gcc_hello_16,gcc_hello_32, gcc_hello_32W, gen and oprtions.mak files

in C++ there are two classes : hello classes (active) and hello_rte classes
I built “hello classes” then this output is given:

[size=100][size=18]what does this error means?

and warning?

here is the gcc_hello_32_status.log :

here is the gcc_hello_32_err_lnk.tmp file


Your first question:

The sgt is telling you linking was not successful.

Your seconds question:

The sgt is telling you it can not extract the error itself, you must go and look for it in the log files.

You know your code compiles, now you just need to get it linked.
If you go through the xxxlnk.tmp file you will find the following:

You will see the linker complains it is finding multiple declarations of the same symbols. This happens when you define identical variable names. Since you are trying to compile an example this is not the case. I do not think (hope) Wavecom will make such silly mistakes. This can also happen when you are trying to link the same file more than once. Since the SGT creates your makefiles this is most probably a bug in the scripts. I assume you ran the create scripts twice and it appended the file twice in a makefile.

My suggestion is to manually delete all project files and directories except your source file and rerun the scripts/wizard.