Problems compiling to target mode

Hi I am using Open AT 3.10 on a Fastrack 1306B running OS 6.55.
Open AT is running on Windows 2000 (SRV PK4) in Visual C++ (SRV PAK 5).

When I compile for remote mode (rte) all my code works fine.
However when I compile for target mode I get the following error:

“Hello_World - 1 error(s), 5 warning(s)”
I am using the hello_world example from the Open AT devkit.
It has been freshly created and nothing has been changed

The contents of the compiling log

The contents of the misc status log

Thank you very much, any help is appreciated


So? What is the problem?

It looks like the target .dwl files have been created. Did you try to use them?

Best Regards,