Automatic build version?

I’d very much like to automate the increment of my build revision numbering. I would be happy with either automated revision increments whenever I check in my source code to the repository, or automatic increments when I build the application, but I can not figure out how to achieve this with Developer Studio 1.1.2.

I have been able to do this using make files on other build systems, but using the developer studio toolchains, I can’t. This leaves it up to me as a manual process to increment the build numbers, which is error prone and impossible to control when multiple developers are working the same source base.

Has anybody solved this issue? It seems common enough.


What about date/time macro? It makes an unique build stamp.

But that requires that you can force the file containing the macro to build every time - and there is no easy way to do that in DS:

… yet
Please take a look at 1.2.0 beta: we’ve now included an option for that :wink:

I have just now upgraded to the 1.2.0 version of Developer Studio. Where/how do I turn on this feature?

You should try right click on your source file, Properties > C/C++Build > Settings > Tool settings tab > Miscellaneous.
You can check here the “Always recompile” option.

Yes - that seems to work. :smiley:

But wouldn’t it be more consistent (and more convenient!) to have it in the same place as the ‘Exclude from build’ option?

Is the Build Date in the ATI9 information updated for every build, or only when the generated.c (or whatever) file is rebuilt?

I sure hope that it’s updated on every build because the generated.c / .h feature is rubbish so we don’t use it in our projects at all.

It’s updated on every build (.dwl file creation timestamp)