DS 3.3 always compiles all files in project


This is probably a question for daav…

I’ve noticed that with DS 3.3 (and DS3.0) that an incremental build (press the ‘hammer’ button on the toolbar) always builds all the files in a project, not matter what has been changed.

I’ve unchecked the Project->Build Automatically option, but it still happens.

How do I set up DS to do a proper incremental build (i.e. only compile files that have changed and rebuild the output file)? The current project has a large number of files and it’s taking a reasonable amount of time to build each time.

Thanks, Dave

Mmmm… Are you talking about an Open AT or a Legato project?
For Open AT, it sounds indeed to be abnormal, but we’re not reproducing the issue here…
For Legato, the incremental build is not implemented yet, and it’s true that a full rebuild is done each time.

Hi Daav,

OpenAT project against Q2698.

I have two PCs that do it. Both running DS

I was wondering if there was an option somewhere that I’ve missed…

ciao, Dave

Hi Daav,

Just tested DS 3.3 with two copies of the same project in the same workspace - one targeted at Q2698 and the other targeted at a Q2686.

Identical files in each project, identical build settings … Q2686 project does incremental build OK, Q2698 project does full build every time…

ciao, Dave

OK, good point, thank you for the clue.
We’re going to have a look at what’s going wrong with Q2698.

Hi Daav,

Ta for your help.

I can send you the DS configuration - if you can tell me how to get it out as a file (rather than pages of screenshots).

ciao, Dave