Problems when attept to include my own library


Hi, I´m having some problems when attempet to rebuild my project.

I´m using C++ to develop the project and I don´t know, where I have to inform de builder about it. I already seen something here at the forun about include lines into make file (project_name.mak)

List of source files of the library or executable to generate

appli.c \ [/b]

but now I have new problems

make[1]: *** No rule to make target SimCard.cpp', needed bydepend_c’. Stop.
make: *** […/out/gcc_TEST_B.dep] Error 2

I belive, this errors when attempt to rebuild a project it´s something about the .cpp
What I have to do? THX
Henrique Zenoni
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Clean up the out directory and try again.
Thanks to Wavecom’s “wonderful” build system, it can’t create a new build tree by itself when you add new files to the project.


I think that build system is not the raison, main one is that C++ is not handled :wink:


The OP is not the first person with the exact same problem.

The new file that was added is not present in the old build tree and the make system can’t detect that it needs to update the build tree by itself.

If there are OTHER problems after that that are related to C++ files is outside the scope of the problem originally listed.


That’s right - you have to re-run the Open-AT Project Wizard, with the ‘Based on existing files’ option.

That will re-create the makefiles & VS studio project - including all .c and .h files present in the SRC and INC folders.

See: … ght=wizard

Quite possibly the Wizard doesn’t recognise .cpp files?


Yeah dude… Who project this operational system, the sameone that project the microsoft OS?

Thx guys, now I understood what are happend here, I run the wizard at second time and everything is cool.