Studio fails to find stdlib etc

Im currently attempting to import a bunch of source files into the studio, in order to test/compile/execute them in the studio. However the source code makes use of stdlib, stdbool etc which the program fails to find, labelling them as unrecognizable. I thought these are std files that are part of the c environment present in the studio? please assist in making these visible to the IDE

These are “overridden” by the files included by adl_global.h

adl_global is also included and frequently used in the source files, so is there any way to make these stdlib, stdbool files visible? without removing adl_global.

i dont know if this helps but, even the adl_global file is labelled as unresloved inclusion! how can that be? i downloaded the complete set of files neccessary for the device im using.and updated to latest lib versions aswell…

So you have a fundamental problem with your project!

Did you create it as an Open-AT project?

im sorry if it seems im wasting your time: i indeed had tried to import the files under an Open At project, having failed i tried a simple helloworld type of example, again ofcourse as an Open At proj. Build worked fine but when i try run the project, it gives an error warning saying no binary file found?? surely a binary file is not neccessary just to test something. from my knowledge, a binary file could be an end product, something that would be transferred onto a device once the project has been written in the studio?

The “binary” file is what you run.

alright, that clears the confusion. but why on earth is it then not automatically generated by the builder. how is there anything that i could have influenced to mess up its creation/execution, as the project is pretty much custom generated by the studio itself??