Problem with compilation :(


have a simple project included 3 files:

file 1 named “appli.c” contains:

#include "adl_global.h"
#include "User.h"

const u16 wm_apmCustomStackSize = 1024;

void adl_main ( adl_InitType_e InitType )
    TRACE (( 1, "Embedded Application : Main" ));

file “User.h”:

void user_SendMessage(ascii *komunikat);

and file “User.c”:

#include "adl_global.h"
#include "User.h"

void user_SendMessage(ascii *komunikat)
	adl_atSendResponse ( ADL_AT_UNS, komunikat );

when i try compile it under VC++ 2003 or Eclipse getting error:

Any idea why?


Are you sure that User.c is included in your project, and being compiled successfully?

Got it! “User.h” wasn’t included into project. But it’s not the end. Now getting something like this:

Screen from VS:

Any idea?


Clean the out directory.

It’s a very stupid build system that can’t properly adapt to new modules/headers if certain files are not removed between builds.

Yes, adding/removing files is cumbresome using the Wavecom build system. :frowning:

Whenever you add/remove any files, you need to run the Open-AT Project Wizard, with the ‘Based on existing files’ option.

That will re-create the makefiles & VS studio project.

Thank you Awneil and Tobias… Now everything works :slight_smile:

Have a nice day.