Automatic builds on a build server

Any pointers on making automated/daily builds? Is there any easy way to tell
Developer studio; here is a new directory, build it. I’ve tried to import project
followed by some Win32OLE/wsh/Autohotkey hacking, but it’s pretty fragile…

You should have a look at Hudson:
Pretty simple to setup and “plug” with Developer Studio in headless mode.

Daav has just submitted this blog post on this subject: … tudio.aspx

Let’s use this thread to continue the discussion :slight_smile:


If i use this batch file:


rd /s /q out
c:\siwi\ds\m2mstudio -data out -nosplash -consoleLog -application -import %~dp0 -build siwo_soft -config [Target]_ARM_EABI_GCC_Debug


It fails with this:

The paths are all correct. The %dp0 evaluates to the path of the batch file, which is located in the root of the project folder along the .project file.

I can of course compile the software fine within M2M Studio.

The whole thing needs to be run as administrator user.

Now i have tried in two days to get this working. Could someone please post a FULL guide on how to get CI running with M2MStudio and jenkins on windows?!?

It’s so easy with most other products, but as usual, nothing is easy with M2MStudio.

“-data out”: not sure that the -data option supports relative paths… You should use an absolute one either…

It does work with out as parameter, it creates the directory. The whole project is located in a directory containing no spaces, which also tends to annoy M2M Studio. m2mstudio.exe simply crashes and shows the above standard crash dialogue. Is there any error log that gives more detailed information?

Would it be possible to somehow “fetch” the command line options that m2mstudio passes to the compiler and compile the whole project without using m2m studio at all?

Have a look at your out.metadata.log workspace log: it should give you clues on what’s going wrong.
We’re currently working on an alternative builder implementation, based on makefile generation: we’ll keep you updated ASAP.