Example for Building projects in headless mode

Does someone please have an example of using M2M Studio in headless mode?

I tried it running the following command:
m2mstudio.exe -nosplash -consoleLog -application com.wavecom.openat.ide.ebs.build.core.buildmanager -data C:\Workspace -build Proto

I receive the following error message:
ERROR: “Proto” project is not an Open AT project.

And of course, in your “C:\Workspace” workspace, you already have created a “Proto” Open AT project, which is building in DS graphical interface?..

Yes, the Open AT project was created and builds successfully in the DS graphical interface (The firmware also runs successfully on our development board). The project is located in “C:\Workspace”: “C:\workspace\Proto”.

Just made the test again with 2.0.0 and something looking like your command line, with success…
The error you got is raised when the project is found in the workspace, but not recognized as an Open AT project.
In your working location, can you make sure that the project description files (.project / .cproject / .settings.ebsdata) are present?
Did you made the try with another simple Hello World project (should help to check if your issue is related to DS itself, your procedure or the project…)

The project description files (.project / .cproject / .settings.ebsdata) are present.

I could get the build to work for one project at a time, but all the other projects get the following error message in the M2MStudio console window:
ERROR: “” project is not an Open AT project

!Message An internal error occurred during "Setting up indexer
!Stack 0

Then later one of the other projects can build by no other one, not even the one that built successfully the previous time.

What do you think is the problem?

Does it have anything to do with the project that was open in the M2MStudio graphical interface the last time it was open?

Makes me thinking about a bug we currently have only in headless mode.
Please can you attach the error log to this thread (.log file located in your workspace .metadata directory)

Cannot upload attachment as neither the extension .log or .txt is allowed? How must I upload it?

try .zip

Here is the headless build log:

  • It succeeds for the first project called TestDriven
  • It fails for the second project called proto with errors stated above
    .log.zip (2 KB)

Please can you just confirm the use case?
As I understand, you have a “Proto” application project depending on a “TestDriven” library project.
When you try to build TestDriven project alone in headless, the build is performed successfully.
But if you try to build the Proto projet, actually the TestDriven project build fails…
Should it be possible for you to attach the projects here (or in PM)?
(you should export them using the export wizard (as an archive) of DS, but without selecting the output directories, just to include source code and project files).
By the way, what is your version of DS?

Proto and TestDriven are both application projects and independant of one another. When one of them can build in headless mode, the other one can’t.

I am using DS 2.0.0.

I can probably post the code, but it is rather irrelevant as it happens with any application project on my side. I create one using the wizard and it cannot build as long as another one can build in headless mode. I was starting to think it has something to do with the last project that was open in the DS GUI…

Mmmm… quite strange…
The log suggests that DS had troubles while closing the workspace.
When you’re invoking DS in headless mode, is the DS GUI still opened, or was it closed properly before?
The good way should be to close it before, since normally 2 Eclipse/DS instances can’t run at the same time on the same workspace…