M2M Studio error


I just installed M2M Studio, and during my work I got a very very boring problem :
The software works fine but sometimes, each time in fact, when I use “actions buttons” in the toolbar
(as “Build All”, “Run”, etc…) an error window appears with :

So, where does the problem come from?? Could anyone help me, please??



PS : I apologize for my English… (I’m French)^^

I’ve noticed the same behaviour, but only when a “non-Open AT” (i.e. simple CDT) project is currently enabled…
Do you have the issue with Open AT projects? If yes, this seems to be a quite random bug :frowning:

Thank you for your answer daav.
The problem seems to be solved using an OPEN AT project.
So, I only will use Open AT projects ^^.

Thank you very much for your help,
have a nice day!