how to build & run the sample?

hi, I’m using the airlink fxt009.
how do I build & run the sample (eg. Hello_world sample)?
is there any simple tutorial about this?

When you first start Developer Studio, you should get the Welcome Page - did you study the information provided there?

(If you don’t get the Welcome Page, click the house icon in the toolbar, or access it from the ‘Help’ menu).

wow, I have to read all that just to build and run a simple example?
is there any “tutorial by example” out there?

Ok, I think I get the idea about what I have to do.
geez! it was like reading half of the manual of a new car just to start the engine and turn it off.

Welcome to the world of Sierra Wireless Developer Studio :smiley:

I don’t think you’re making a fair comparison there!

There is a lot more to installing, configuring, and using any software development environment than just starting a car!

If you expect to be able to just leap in to embedded firmware development with no preparation, then you are in for a disappointment.

It is true that SiWi documentation leaves a lot to be desired, but you can’t skimp on studying it, I’m afraid.

Do you have experience with other software development environments - particularly embedded software development environments?
If so, how did their “new user” documentation compare?
What suggestions would you make to SiWi to improve?

See: Where is the 'Tools Manual' for M2M Studio? - #9 by daav

well, I wish there are some simple examples included with some understandable build steps for newbies (like me :smiley:).
eg. click this, type this, click that, etc.

Yes - that was my point in the linked post:

See: Where is the 'Tools Manual' for M2M Studio? - #9 by daav

Were you aware of this Tutorial: Cheek! SiWi to charge for Open-AT Tutorial! :question: