ask as a beginner

sorry if my quetions is very simple for you.
like in subject for this topic: i am a beginner. :smiley:
however, i want to be an expert like you. 8)

the quetions about M2M studio are :

  1. am i right that if we use M2M studio, we dont need hyperterminal because the function of “shell” toolbar in target management perspective accommodate that ?
  2. what are the differences between “build” (hammer toolbar) and “manage configurations for the current projects” toolbar (next to the hammer toolbar) in Open AT perspective ?
  3. am i right that the simple procedure of creating application and downloading into wireless CPU are :
    create source code in Open AT perspective > build that application using “click hammer toolbar” > debug and run program using “click bug picture and run picture toolbar” in Open AT perspective ?
  4. what are other software that we need besides M2M studio ?

thank you for your patience answering my questions.
best regards…

Yes, the shell view aims to provide the same features than HyperTerminal. It is not possible to handle all use cases yet, but major ones (like access to AT commands) are OK.

When you click in the drop-down list of each button, the behaviour is indeed the same: you change the active build configuration, and you trigger a build operation.
When you click the hammer icon, you trigger a build.
When you click the config manager icon, you open the Build Configurations management dialog.

Yes. In addition, please make sure that the target is connected prior to click the run/debug button, and use the debug button (in Target mode) only if you have successfully setup your JTAG environment.

M2M Studio integrates all necessary software, except the GDB server when you need for JTAG debugging (all is explained in the online help)

thankyou daav…
i’ve waited this answer for such a long time. :slight_smile:

Help contains make me confused because of too many increament contains like: workbench user guide, C/C++ development user guide, and RSE user guide. I think the main software in M2M studio is M2M studio itself. and if i am right (workbench user guide, C/C++ development user guide, and RSE user guide are an features), why isn’t it placed in M2M studio user guide root ?

M2M Studio is based on Eclipse features, and all the top categories you are talking about are the documents provided by these “root” Eclipse components. You should always begin by the M2M Studio help, which makes links to other help books when it’s needed.

I still say there needs to be a standalone document - equivalent to the old “Tools Manual” - that gives an overview of the tools, their functions, and the process of using them.

It should walk the user, step-by-step, through the process of creating, building, downloading, and testing a simple application (eg, “Hello, world”).

See: viewtopic.php?f=78&t=3437&p=12957

For obvious maintenance & evolution reasons, we would prefer keep one single deliverable (actually M2M Studio itself) including all the necessary documentation stuff. That’s why we have provided interactive tutorials (“cheat sheets” in Eclipse wording).
It seems that these tutorials can’t be found easily, or are not sufficient to guide the beginner.

If you have concrete suggestions to enhance this (missing steps or documentation, or others…), please advise! :wink:


Yes, I can certainly see that point - but I don’t think it’s achievable in this particular case.

Yes, that is the fundamental problem!

In order to find the instructions on using M2MStudio, you have to use M2MStudio!

It is just so much easier -especially for a begginer - to be able to follow through a printed document.
Online help is great for reference, but it still isn’t as good as a real document for step-by-step learning.

thank you guys.
btw, i have another question. My task is “explore the utility of Q52 omni development board”. so im in progress. However, i want to make sure that what i am going to do is right. in Q52_Omni_Development_Kit_User_Guide-Rev001.pdf that i got from CD wavecom such as is explained below :

what are “the specific downloaded software provided by wavecom” ?firmware ?DSP loader ?or hello world ?
it’s so complicated because if we just want to download Hello world, we must follow the procedure like !i hope im wrong.

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That way of downloading is only used when every thing goes wrong.
In other situations, use AT+WOPEN (erase flash, start, stop…), AT+WDWL (downloading), AT+CFUN (reset).
Check the documention. If it doesn’t work ask again. :smiley:

yeah, as long as i know what you have asked is right, caballero…and this is whole i know about downloading procedure (AT+WDWL, wait until ‘§’ shows up > AT+CFUN > AT+WOPEN=1).

But, if you read it again carefully, there is no statement that explain “That way of downloading is only used when every thing goes wrong.” We talk about hardware requirement (Q52 omni development board) in downloading process. And the question is what kind of specific downloaded software provided by wavecom that we must follow the hardware procedure like that ?

Can you tell me more detail caballero ?
thank you brother…

Ok, I didn’t understand you correctly. :confused:
On boot mode you must use DwlWin to download things on the flash. It’s a Wavecom program, probably your supplier can give it to you with the specific files you need (basically depending on Firmware).
On service you must use AT+WDWL metod.

I hope this post helps more than the previous. :slight_smile:

okei, thank you…
one more question,in installation procedure i have got this statement:

does Q52 Omni plug-in is such as Q52 Omni 2.04.2020 ?
does whole of them is downloaded into wireless CPU ?

i dont create a new topic because i want another beginner can easily see the problem of beginner like me. i just continue what i’ve started. sorry if there are ones of you not convenient about my thread.

thank you.

What are you talking about? Do you have JTAG facilities for wavecom modules? What for? I suppose it could harm the module and OS…

AIUI, JTAG is available on the WMP100, et al.

For debugging!

It would make things a lot easier than just messing about with TRACE…

I have also just started with M2M studio, trying to get anything basic working.
Must also say the help files or getting started help is useless.
Tried opening a sample application(Hello world) with no joy.
Started a new project, selected the hello world sample.
When i try to build the project it says there is nothing to build.???

Would appreciate any help or guidelines just to get started.