New at this - startup tips/help

Hello all,
I just got Sierra Wireless Embedded Modem Universal Development Kit
but I didn’t get any software or documentation.
so I need help to get started -
How do I connect it to serial ? what is the baud-rate?
does it have a windows program?

thank you !


You REALLY need to talk to your distributor about this.

At the very least, you can download the developer tools from the Sierra Wireless website (login, then products downloads, Open At Developer Studio).

Actually - get onto your Distributor - they should have some tutorials, and at least a sales engineer that you can talk to.

ciao, Dave

I’ll talk with them.
but until then - can you post me a link to the download page?
all I found is this page

thank you ,


That’s the one. You need to follow the instructions to login (i.e. create a new login if you don’t already have one - not sure if the download site uses the same login as the forum); then select your device and follow the links.

ciao, Dave

it’s the same user\login

but what do I search?
Select by product? I didn’t find development kit…


dunno if theres another development kit… … tudio.aspx
(download tab at the bottom part)

you´ll find the development guides in the directory where you will have installed it… just search for .pdf files.

I have download it - and it’s doesn’t working.
I’m connecting the mini card via USB (and the modem is in the mini card)
now what?
I trying to upgrade the modem but it said that he can’t find him
what did I do wrong? ,
when I use the discovery tool - it’s said that there is no modem…
can someone help me please? - even a simple guide in pdf to show me how to connect and default setting.

Thank you ,

I spent many many many hours to make my modem (FXT003) work. You have to read plenty of documentation…
At this time I have upgraded my Developper Studio (called DS here): very bad idea. I spent many many many hours to try to make it work with the DS 2.1.1.
I am now working to downgrade it. It begins to work again with the old version, but my USB link is dead and the new USB driver (3.8.2) has an installation error. I am now searching for the old driver…
Why make it simple when it is so easy to make it difficult…