No Modems were found


I have a Lanner router with Sierra wireless integrated. sudo mmcli -L output is “No modems were found”
Wondering if any drivers are missing. Thank you!.

which module is inside?
You can try the MBPL driver:

The module is sierra wireless. Does this make sense. Which one should I use among those

Anything showing in dmesg?

May I know what to check specifically in dmesg please

Product : Sierra wireless EM7455 Qualcomm\xffffffc2\xfffffffae Snapdragon\xffffffe2\xffffff84\xffffffa2 X7 LTE-A

Then you should install the mbpl usb driver as stated above

Which one should I use from the link. There are many.Thank you

Might be this one :MBPL_Drivers_R24_ENG3-src.tar

I just wonder if upgrading firmware would impact the router operation, because the circuit is live.
Just curious

not sure if you can upgrade FW without installing the driver.

Would you mind sharing the steps to install driver via FTP server

what is the relationship between this USB driver and FTP server?

If I have to upgrade the drivers , I have to do it remotely. Can I download this to server and push to the router.

I don’t know how you work with your router.
maybe you can cross compile the driver with your toolchain and push the driver binary to your router.

Hello… I have the drivers in the router.

Using the command to extract tar -xzvf
but not sure how to install

normally I did the following in Ubuntu PC:

sudo make
sudo make install

I am extracting that file, but can’t see the file in directory. it just shows tar file only

Can you extract it in windows?