Using Fastrack supreme for telemetry purpose?


I am plannig to build somekind of telemetry system to my motorcycle with Fastrack Supreme and now I like to hear your opinnions of that. I am using AIM datalogger in my bike which has USB connection to computer (and in computer I have AIM`s own software which can download datas through USB).

Can I connect Fastrack input channel straight to my AIMs USB output and download that data in realtime through GPRS to my computer (I was planning to "call" with Windows hyperterminal to Fastrack and made that GPRS connection in that way) I also have to make one virtual USB port to Windows and point that port to AIMs data downloading software. In theory now I have connection between AIM software and AIM datalogger, I have only convert physical cable with Fastrack supreme and GPRS connection?



Not unless the “AIM” (whatever that is) can act as a USB Host

The Fastrack’s USB port is a [i]Device /i only.

That would require a Public IP address.