Audio from computer through USB on Fastrack Supreme 20

Hello all,

I am looking for a way to pipe audio from my computer through a usb into a call that is being made by the fastrack supreme 20. The end result of this is to hopefully have a mic/speaker hooked up to my computer so that I can make voice calls with the fs20. I recognize that I could use the serial port for this but it’s too bulky, plus I already sprung for the usb port so why not use it? If anyone has any ideas of how this could be accomplished, or even have speech recorded on the computer before-hand and then send it through usb, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance for your help.

So can’t you just use the USB as a virtual serial port, then do it in exactly the same way :question:

My original plan was to be able to have a headset connected to my computer’s mic port. The wavecom would be connected to my computer’s usb, and I would talk into the mic on my headset during gsm calls. The only way I know of doing this with serial is to connect the microphone/speakers directly to the wavecom, which I would prefer to avoid. If I could even record a .wav file and send that through the usb in a similar fashion that would be a huge help. Thanks for your time in this matter.

So-called “voice” modems that let you use your PC as a landline phone transport the data over the serial port.
You’d need to do that sort of thing - I think it’s a standardised protocol?