Using DS with Xact dev board


Hello everyone

I am curious if anyone else is familiar with or has experience using the terminal board produced by Xact technologies. I am trying to upload dwl files, but am having some issues as outlined below:

I connect to my device usb, open the correct COM port in DS and send at commands using the console view. AT commands go through fine so I have a good connection.

Now I try to upload the latest firmware… I go to the status box in the target management view and click the little package symbol beside the Firmware heading. I pick the latest package from the drop down list and start upload. The green status bar completes and then I get the error popup saying “No target detected”.

If I use at+wdwl in DS or any other terminal program I get error response +CME ERROR: 3 which stands for operation not supported.

The development board utilizes the WMP100. Xact has their own dwl loader program but I am waiting on it getting updated… Based on what I have described does anyone have any insights into using this hardware with DS?

It would be nice to get in contact with anyone using the Xact product anyways, as they do not provide their own customer forum that I am aware of.


You forgot to link your previous posts:


See other posts.

I gather it’s on their “To-Do” list…



So I have connected to Uart1 through a usb to serial interface and I am seeing the COM ports for both the serial and usb connections on DS. I can open the COM for the Uart but it seems no communication is being made between my device and the pc. I still can’t upload any dwl files over the serial as the “No target detected” error pops up.

In older firmware versions are at commands sent through the Uart as well as uploading files?


You’ll just have to use Hyperterminal.