Using AT*AAFINSTALL to install AAF Lua app


I am trying to use the AT*AAFINSTALL command on the RV50 to install an AAF Lua application. I have an FTP server set up to put the application file on but I am not exactly sure what file type is expected by the RV50. I am using Developer Studio for ALEOS Version : I tried using the Export to Local Application Package and it created a tar file. I put the tar file on the ftp server and specified the exact file name in the AAFINSTAL command. The AAFINSTALL command failed to load this file. Should I be using one of the file included in the tar file instead? The only error message I get is “Cannot Load Application”

Greg Dunn

I think I figured out my problem. It seems like the HOST parameter must be specified as an IP address instead of URL. Also, specifying the filename.tar worked fine.

Greg Dunn