Use another plugin

What is the simplest way to tell the M2M studio to use another version of plugin than it is allowed by SDK. For example I have 3.19 SDK with WIP plugin version 3.10.1030 and 4.27 SDK with WIP plugin version 3.10.2036. Is it possible to use 3.19 SDK but with the WIP plugin version 3.10.2036?

M2M Studio enables by default a profile filter, allowing to ensure chosen Open AT Plug-ins, OS and Firmware are certified compatible.ou loose the guaran
You can override this filter by unchecking the Profile filter checkbox in the project creation wizard, or in a project’s Plug-ins property page.
However, by doing this, please note that you loose the compatibility guarantee.
Typically in your case, this will not work since SDK 3.X and 4.X support different hardwares (3.X: Q24*, 4.X: Q26*)

Thank you for reply.

I couldn’t manage to change plugin from the Property-Plug-ins tab - it changes the entire SDK or changes nothing. And the Profile filter does not work indeed.

But I could change the plugin manually by replacing all occurences of the WIP lib version.

And as you told there was incompatibility since WIP lib 3.10.2036 used ADL 4.x version.