Bug when switching plugin versions

If I choose “Properties” from the “Project” menu, then select “Plugins” under “Open AT Application”, I see a list of all installed plugins, with a tick indicating those currently used by the project. For some plugins, there are multiple entries for the different versions installed. In my project, I am currently using WIP 5.1 but also have WIP 5.3 installed. Therefore 5.1 is ticked, 5.3 is not.

If I decide that I want to build the project with 5.3 and click on the check box for this version, a tick appears in the box for that entry, and 5.1 is automatically unticked. However, despite what the UI indicates, the plugin has not actually been deselected! If I apply the changes, close the dialogue, then open it again, I see that both 5.1 and 5.3 are ticked!

Even though two versions of the same library have been selected, the project will still compile without error.

Known problem, fixed in 1.1.2
The second time you open the dialog, when both versions are checked, you can uncheck the “old one” and press OK. This time it will be taken into account.

Ok, thanks. When will 1.1.2 be available?

We’re currently integrating latest fixes & features, and plan a delivery within next month.