Urgent assistance needed for Q2686RD module

I’m new to the world of Sierra Wireless and using a Q2686RD module (R7.46.0.201108091301.Q2686RD 2216044 080911 1:01 p.m.). I need to set the IP settings for the module to communicate with a server. I can’t find the solution after looking at documents and forum posts. I read that you have to use the command AT+LS=“SETPARAMSTR;0;7;8090” to set the port. but how to set the IP address? Thank you for your help

I believe ip address is assigned by network

if so, what can I do to make the module send data to a specific server?

are you using a product integrated with Q2686RD?
i don’t see a command for AT+LS in Q2686 AT command manual.

If you are using WIPSoft AT command, you can see the example inside the manual:

yes, I am using a product integrated with Q2686RD

then did you check the manual of this product?
As said before, AT+LS is not standard command, probably your product has a OpenAT program inside to response to such command

the manual of the product is not available as the module has not been used for several months. I want to configure it for testing purposes. I am not using WIPSoft but AT Command Syntax.

is there a trick to know if the module has a specific OpenAT program ?

then i have no idea how it can get IP address and send data as probably it runs its own OpenAT program

You can double check if a OpenAT program is running by AT+WOPEN?

the respond I have with the command is :


then it has a custom application

can the solution be to restore the module to factory settings?

then how can your product work without the custom openAT application?

Why don’t you look at the manual on how to use your product?

as you said, the right idea is to look at the manual. thanks for your help