Q2867, are AT commands no longer available?


This question probably has been asked many times before, but I could not get a clear answer from the information on the forum or the Sierra site.

We are prototyping a data logger, and we are going to to use a Q2867 unit connected to a laptop for remote control and command. Our original idea was to setup the Q2867 as a GPRS modem, through plain-old AT commands, to connect via TCP/IP to a remote client. In the past I have used WISMO2018 modems, where this is very feasible.

However this does not seem possible with the Q2687 unit, the IP stack is not available through AT commands.

Is this correct ? If so, how can I the Q2867 as a TCP/IP modem ? Is this possible through OpenAT ?



You have to install the WIPSoft OpenAT application to use the Q2687 like that.
As I haven’t used the modem you are referring to, I can’t say if the commands are the same.

You should be able to get everything you need, with instructions, through your FAE.

It is also available as part of the WIP plugin from Dev Studio.

Be sure to use a version that exactly corresponds to the firmware in your Q2687.