SL8092 and TCP stack

How can I set up a tcp connection with a SL8092 module using at commands?

I am working with 2 modules, an SL8092 and an SL8082T.
With the SL8082T I set up a tcp connection with the AT commands:


AT+WIPCREATE=2,1,“ip address”,port number

These commands don’t work in the SL8092.
Are there other commands to set up the connection in the SL8092?
Where can I find the at commands (including the tcp/ip stack ones) for the SL8092?


Please use !PAD command supported on SL8092, documented at section 11 of Extended AT command guide (2130616).

Some information can be found in previous thread below:


I set up the TCP connection in the SL8092 module with commands:

AT!PADSETUP=1,2,94.server ip address,0,port,0,1

However, I could set up the connection only sending the commands via USB.
If I try to send these command via UART I receive error.
Do you have any idea why?
I’m working with a sierra development kit.

Another simple question. Where can I find the AT commands of the 8092 (apart from the 2130616 Extended AT Commands).

I found these docs:
2130617 Standard AT Commands v7.pdf

but nothing specific for the SL8092.


2130617_Standard_AT_Commands_v7.pdf and the extended is the correct manual for SL809x.

Sorry for late update…
The !PAD command works only on AT port (default on USB)… whereas PPP port was mapped on UART by default.

So, if you want to use !PAD command on UART, you may map AT service to UART via “AT!MAPUART=1”, on reboot UART port should accept !PAD command.

Please refer to Extended AT cmd guide Table 3-2 for details.