w32K sleep mode and TCP connection in SL8082T

Is it possible to put the SL8082T into sleep mode with a TCP connection, but no data transfer?

I work with an external micro and configure the SL8082T through AT commands.

I tried this:

  1. I activated the sleep mode with the command AT+w32K=1, the current consumption went low(< 5 mA)

  2. I set up a TCP connection (SL8082T as client) with the AT commands:
    AT+WIPCREATE=2,1,“ip address”,port number

  3. Even with no data transfer the current consumption remained high (> 30 mA)



Ok, what i understood is if you go into low power mode with GSM stack on, as soon as you press any key, it comes out of sleep mode.

So, when you give AT commands to create a TCP connection, it has come out of sleep mode. Is this the case??


maybe you can use the DTR pin,when in low power mode ,put it in a high level;when you need send sth via uart,then you put it in a low level

DTR pin can’t be used yet on SL8082T to wake it up from W32K sleep as Sierra still haven’t released any firmware with 8-wire UART support for this module.
Don’t think they have released any non-beta firmware for SL8082T at all actually…