SL8082T with AT+W32K=1,0


I using firmware version on sl8082t module with sierra wireless development kit. like to clarify as shown below:

  1. send AT+W32K=1,0 on serial port COM 1
  2. after issue the command it have no more response. (behavior is working fine)
  3. plug in to SL8082T usb port to my PC
  4. now i send “AT” command n it resume back. ( why ?)
  5. i send command “AT” command to COM1 it resume back too ( why ?)

It should not able to response via USB port as mention in “At command interface guide”. am i correct?

From the AT_Command_Interface_guide.pdf SLEEP Mode with GSM Stack in Idle
This mode is a low power consumption mode. In this mode the embedded module has restricted
access to peripheral interfaces, thereby UARTs, USB, SPIs, I2C, GPIOs, ADCs and Buzzer are not
To enable or disable this mode use AT+W32K command.

thank you,

Read the notes under +W32K in the AT Manual…