Upgrade of FSU from R7.2 to R7.3


Just a question, in the upgrade documentation for v7.3a release notes, if using
X-modem, you have to download first a file quote “downloader named dwl.dwl”
and it states that you then should download via X-modem R73a00_full_<wirelessCPU_Type>.dwl

That’s fine, except where O where do you find “downloader named dwl.dwl”
and the upgrade file I have downloaded from the wavecom site is R73a00-cus-<wirelessCPU_Type>.wpk
where <wirelessCPU_Type> = q26, the same as the FSU that I am using…
except the file type is a wpk, from what I understand is a Wavecom Packege.
Which I cannot fine any information about, is this just to make life difficult
or am I missing the point

So my real question is, how does one obtain the files to do the job.

Any pointers on how to do, what is a simple upgrade, would be VERY welcome

Yes I have spoken to my Wavecom supplier, without any joy


Frustrated from Tunbridge Wells

Apparently so!

IIRC, the wpk is actually just a Zip file - so, if you rename it to .zip, you should be able to view its contents in the normal way…

Who is your supplier? If they really can’t help with something this basic, they should be named & shamed!



The .wpk file is for use with the DWLWin downloader application (Also available from the Wavecom Developer web site).

Note that you will need to make yourself a cable to pull the BOOT pin low if you are programming a Fastrack Supreme.

Check out the following thread: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3268 and the other threads referred to in this thread.

ciao, Dave