Downgrade from R73 to 663c

Hello, how can I downgrade my Fastrack Supreme 10 from Firmware R73 to Firmware 663c. I have a old application writte for FW 663c and I won’t rewrite the apllication for R73.

I hope someone can help me. I’ve just tried to downgrade the module with dwlwin and the files pro-dwl.wpb and fsu001.e2p, but doesn’t work.

hmm… dwl-win would have been my first guess,
are you sure you are using the right files?

try to obtain the .wkp file for 6.63c
(maybe the CD which originally came with your unit?)

ask your wavecom provider because downgrading from
R73 to R6x may kill your device…

That’s precisely why I have kept a device at R6x…! 8)

How about to upgrade from 663c to R73?

A software written on 663c can not run on R73 ?? Should 663c users rewrite their software when they switch to R73?

IIRC, this is specifically documented in the release note?

It will at least have to be rebuilt with the correct SDK - see the FAQ/Wiki thread: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3766&p=18140#p18140

Whether it then builds & works or not will, of course, depend upon whether it uses any of the features that changed between 663c an R43. 8)

It is highly likely that they will need to rewrite potions of their software - a complete rewrite might not be necessary.

I hope those potions are not much :slight_smile:
How about installing two different SDKs on the same computer? Can i install both 663 SDK and R73 SDK on the same PC?


I ask my wavecom provider for the .wpk files. The CD which came togheter with the product doesn’t include the correct file.

I don’t understand because theese fils can’t be downloaded from the wavecom homepage.