How does one uninstall this IDE?
there’s no uninstall folder, file, nothing. I can’t find it in Add/Remove Software either…
help, please?



It’s pretty simple.

Find the folder where you installed it to (C:\M2MStudio perhaps), and delete the folder.

That’s it. Eclipse (upon which M2M studio is based) doesn’t install anything into the registry, or the windows system directory, so nothing needs to be ‘uninstalled’ in a traditional windows sense.

ciao, Dave


true, but it still is a major oversight…
an installer should always provide an uninstaller.



All new Installer…


… still in the roadmap.
It didn’t seem a top priority feature for us, since (as already said in this thread) M2M Studio install is “clean”: deleting the install folder is enough to uninstall the product properly.


How are users expected to know that you can simply delete the M2M studio folder?

What about the other tools that are installed with M2M studio? Surely the USB drivers modify the registry or some other Windows system components. I cannot imagine that deleting that folder removes the drivers in a clean way.

The installer refuses to proceed if you try to install over the top of an existing installation. If it is not a problem to install over the top, then the installer should allow this. If it is a problem to install over the top, then there should be an uninstaller.


Yeah, I’m sure everyone will agree that there should be uninstaller, but there are still lot of issues and instabilities that should receive priority over the uninstaller. So some day… :wink:


That’s the point. We haven’t infinite resources for development, so we first target to fix and enhance the studio itself, before looking forward to add some “comfort” through the uninstaller.

For the drivers topic, there are uninstaller links created in the start menu to handle this processing of cleaning registry and other system hooks. Quite not perfect since it doesn’t clean neither the start menu shortcuts, nor the drivers installation directory, but at least it restores your system clean.