How to Uninstall Developer Studio

Hi guys,

I used the following installer yesterday to install Developer Studio and am unable to uninstall it now: Open_AT_Application_Framework_v2-52_Full_Installer.exe
I am logged in as a local administrator in Windows 8.1. No Sierra labeled software remains in the installed Programs list.
Executing the installer once more in the hope of getting an uninstall option didn’t work.

Sooooo, how do I uninstall this software?

I think you can simply delete it - it doesn’t put anything into registries, system folders, etc

Thanks for the swift reply, it is greatly appreciated.
I would, however, also appreciate an official answer. Deleting folders is not, traditionally, the correct way of uninstalling programs.
I really need to clean this system out of everything that the installer installed.


Exactly. DS is based on Eclipse, which is smart enough to put everything it needs into one directory. In fact, the ‘install’ simply unpacks a zip file into the given directory. So simply delete the DS directory and it’s gone.

In this case, it is. Eclipse doesn’t subscribe to the microsoft way of splattering stuff all over the file system and into the registry.

However, if you installed the additional drivers and tools, you will need to run the uninstaller from the control panel, as the drivers are integrated into the OS (and are not technically part of DS).

Ciao, Dave

Nothing more to add to Andy & Dave answers :wink:

This also means that it is trivial to have multiple versions of DS installed on the same machine - by simply putting them in separate folders.


If this weren’t the case, life would be a complete nightmare with the number of different IDEs all based on Eclipse these days :exclamation:


Tough not recommend but the last option is you have delete it manually from the specific folder.
Source: stackoverflow and one iPhone developer forum

See the previous posts: there is nothing “not recommend” nor “last option” about this - it is the way to do it :exclamation: