Unicode and LS300

A small part of our application allows users to connect a LS300 or a Raven XE to send SMS messages. We use the following code to build the outgoing message:

private String buildPayload(String to, String message) {
		try {
			String hexBody = DatatypeConverter.printHexBinary(message.getBytes("US-ASCII"));
			return String.format("<<<%s,ASCII,%d,%s>>>", to, message.length(), hexBody);
		} catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {
			log.warn("Message cannot be encoded for SMS: " + e.getMessage());
			return "";

which gets called via byte[] bs = buildPayload(to, message).getBytes(“US-ASCII”); and sent to the Airlink using DatagramPacket and DatagramSocket.

The above code works great, but only allows ASCII messages. If we try to change buildPayload to use getBytes(“UTF-8”) and String.format("<<<%s,8-bit,%d,%s>>>", to, message.length(), hexBody); or String.format("<<<%s,Unicode,%d,%s>>>", to, message.length(), hexBody); we get ACK203ACK which is “Parse Error on field #3 (Data type and separator)”.

I sent a message to tech support a week ago with no response. Anyone have a pointer on how to build a message that allows non-ASCII characters?

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Hi Kathy,

Did you check the current configuration of the encoding for your device ?
Might help to using


command beforehand to tell the device to switch to Unicode