Scrambled text messages LM300

Good morning,

I am working on a project and have two LM300’s I have tested both of them and they seem to have the same issue. Maybe I have the incorrect settings. I am able to text out using SMS no issue, however when I send a message to the LM300 and I open the ACEmanager->Services->SMS->Inbound SMS Messages I am getting a scrambled text message.

For example if I send a

12345 to the modem I can see the “last message” as reading 214365
if I try it using text and send “Testing” I read “eTtsnig”

I am running the following firmware

ALEOS Software Version: 4.4.0 ALEOS Build number: 011
Device Model: LS300
Radio Module Type: SL5011 Radio Module Identifier: VZW003
Radio Firmware Version: p3111301,53706 [May 29 2013 13:49:25]


You do mean LS300, right ? Did you perform a Modem reset back to defaults and ensure your running the latest firmware?
You might want to start by determining where the issue lies, by sending additional SMS tests to various other devices such as other phones, and preferably on different networks.

If this always fails to a variety of carriers, have a look at the available options in the Aleos Software Config guide, on page 231. Most network carriers don’t require any changes, but you might want to try different combinations of SMS Address Type, Numbering Plan and +CGSMS. Be to to apply the settings first, reboot the modem, before continuing your SMS tests.

Le Chien G