PDU texts using a Raven XE H5223E

Hi Guys,
Im am just inquiring if anyone knows if PDU mode works on this modem using AT commands? It works using the normal text mode but everytime I try in PDU mode I get a 304 error. I am testing through a putty telnet session and have used the converters on the following websites to help with the PDU conversion but nothing works for some reason.


I have also ensured that the router is in passthru and PDU mode using the AT+CMGF? command

Does anyone have any experience / ideas on this.

thanks Callum

Post the full sequence of commands you’re using - and the responses you’re getting.

Hi there and thanks for responding,
I have attached a screenshot of my Putty screen with the commands entered and the responses received back. Please note that I am not sure if the duplicated lines are part of the problem as I am copying the commands from a text file so I am unsure if they are being entered twice?

thanks once again Callum

Hi all,
I managed to resolve my problem by unchecking the Return key sends Telnet New Line instead of ^M checkbox.

thanks for looking.

cheers Callum