Multi line sms with AT*SMSM2M command

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know how to send a multi line sms with the AT*SMSM2M command as it seems to be the only way to send sms’s with this modem.

All the examples are for a short one line message like:
at*smsm2m=“THIS IS A TEST” but I would like to be able to start a new line when I need to but no special characters will work and just cut the command were they are situated in the code.

I have tried
at*smsm2m=“THIS \r\n IS A TEST” and a few other escape character as well but none work.

How can I achieve this please?

thanks Callum

which module are you using?


Hi Alex and thanks for answering,
I am using a Raven XE 5223. I managed to get it working by converting the string to hex before it gets sent and using the at*smsm2m_8=“441234567890 546869730a49730a410a54657374” like so.

thanks once again Callum