Raven XE (v2221e-va)

I am a programmer that has been tasked with creating a service to send SMS messages to our clients and was considering the Raven XE (v2221e-va) modem. I wanted to get input from some experienced users as to whether or not this was the right device to use for this task.

A little background…

Objective: Send SMS’s to our clients using C# console application to send AT commands to the modem. We do not need receive/retrieve capabilities, just send.

Can anyone give me some input as to whether or not this modem would work for our needs? and if not, what alternative ethernet modem would you recommend?


I would say it depends on the volume of messages you want to send. If it is 1 at a time, a modem is fine, but if you want to send to thousands of customers, a bulk messaging server is both more economical and designed especially for this.

Thank you for the response… We are not looking to send thousands of SMS messages. With that said would the Raven XE Airlink for Verizon CDMA work for our project? Can it accept AT commands to send SMS? Can it be accessed programmatically to send the AT commands? Any known issues that we should be aware of?

Thanks again!


To the best of my knowledge, yes Raven XE does support SMS sending via the AT interface (over the Telnet port for instance).
But as I am based in Europe, I never used the CDMA version of Raven XE.

I recommend you post your question in the “AIRLINK GATEWAYS” section of the forum, as probably you will get better support on this product.


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