sending sms from wan ip of raven xe


I have the need to send sms messages from the wan side of a raven xe modem. I have a server in the cloud, a raven xe that I am connecting to thru a MVNO via vpn(private static). I am able to send sms when I telnet in using the local lan port, but cant get it to send when trying to send thru the wan IP using telnet. Is there a restriction on sending via the wan port? or am I missing a setting somewhere?

Here is the command I am using, which works on the local lan port using the ip address and telnet, but not when telnet to the wan IP:

at*smsm2m="16042555555 this is a test”

Hi ajlambert,

Please contact your reseller for further assistance. If you do not know who your reseller is, or they could not provide you the proper support you’re looking for, please create a ticket with us here: