Raven XE send sms over ip

Hi all,

I’m having some difficulty programming a Raven XE H2295E-W to send sms’s over ip -not- serial.
The Device is connected to standard address

The SMS Receive destination is IP.
Destination IP is
Destination port is 17342
SMS send is enabled,
ALEOS port is 17341

“Computers and other devices connected to the Host IP interfaces (Ethernet, USBNet, WiFi) can also send SMS messages from the modem.
To use this feature, a program on the PC needs to send a message to a user-defined port in ALEOS.”

From the above I understand that this is possible but it is not working for me for some reason…
I need to do this through PHP running on a server that the modem is connected to.

—Below is my code—

<?php $fp = fsockopen("udp://", 17341, $errno, $errstr); if (!$fp) { echo "ERROR: $errno - $errstr \n"; } else { //The number is South African +27821234567 $msg = "<>>"; fwrite($fp ,$msg); echo $fp; fclose($fp); } ?>

Would greatly appreciate any help.

See the following post :