Raven XE (v2221e-va) Capabilities

I am a programmer that has been tasked with creating a service to send SMS messages to our clientsand was considering the Raven XE (v2221e-va) modem. I wanted to get input from some experienced users as to whether or not this was the right device to use for this task.

A little background…

Objective: Send SMS’s to our clients using C# console application (or powershell script) to send AT commands to the modem to send SMS to end user. We do not need receive/retrieve capabilities, just send. Our throughput is small thus the modem route vs. a SMS appliance.

Can anyone give me some input as to whether or not this modem would work for our needs? and if not, what alternative ethernet modem would you recommend?


PS - I had posted this in another forum and it was recommended that I post it here.


It depends on the volume of messages you want to send. If one message at a time needs to be sent then the modem is correct but if messages sent are in bulk then the server capable of handling bulk data is necessary.


Hi !

Sorry for the delay on this one - I guess you can use the AT*SMSM2M command on RXE to cover your need.
As indicated in a previous comment, it really depends on your use case and the number of SMS you want to send.

Also, I recommend you download the ALEOS manual from the ‘Download’ section of Sierra Wireless website (sierrawireless.com/Support/Downloads.aspx )

Please let us know if you need further help


Although commonly known as “bulk” SMS services, you really don’t need high volumes to use an SMS server.

In fact, unless the PC has no network connection, it is likely to be (much) easier and cheaper to use an SMS service than mess around with a modem.

I use textmarketer.co.uk/ - it took less than half a day to knock-up a quick Delphi app to use their API - and I’m no Delphi expert.

There are plenty of other such service providers - and you can send texts from Skype!

UNfortunately we are not able to utilize a service to send our SMS messages due to their content; therefore we were left with one viable option, sending SMS’s ourselves programmatically.

You mean it’s confidential, and you don’t trust the services?

Otherwise, if the content is not compatible with the GSM SMS, using a modem won’t help!


Airlink devices support SMS send and receive.
You need to use telnet session from the host to the Airlink in order to send / receive SMS, and in Services>SMS menu in AceManager set “SMS send” field to “enabled”.
telnet using USB: port 2332, un: user and pwd:12345 as AceManager default settings.
telnet using Ethernet: port 2332, un: user and pwd:12345 as AceManager default settings.

then you can use Aleos propietary command at*smsm2m=" " in order to send the SMS.
has to be ASCII.