Undocumented: How to decide stack sizes

The documentation give no guidance on how to pick suitable values for the stack sizes:

ie, wm_apmCustomStackSize - or its Task Table equivalent

also adl_InitIRQLowLevelStackSize and adl_InitIRQHighLevelStackSize

May be its left for the user to decide according to his application.


But there needs to be some guidance on how how to make that decision!

At the moment, it’s purely a matter of guesswork, trial and error.

See also: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/location-plugin-stack-task-size-definition/4978/2

There also needs to be guidance on the additional stack required by WIP…

It appears that even the examples provided by SiWi get it wrong:


You are right awneil, all my current codes uses stack sizes determined by trial and error.

This lack of documentation it’s counterproductive practice by sierra, some actions are needed to solve poor quality of documentation.

Hi everybody
A documentation tracker has been created for the same. I will update you guys soon regarding how forum users can follow the progress of the tracker.


Any update on this?

Note that the documentation needs to include guidance for the various plugins; eg, see:

Hi Awneil
For the time being i ll only update you regarding the progress in the tracker.


any update on this?

I echo this question. Any update on this? I think we have run out of stack, but have no way of checking that isn’t trial and error. I would like to know how I should go about finding some numbers related to my code.