Stack size?

Hi to al,

      I like to know how the stack size is being determined for an application.

In most of the sample codes i found stack size to be 1024.
u32 wm_apmCustomStack [1024];
const u16 wm_apmCustomStackSize = sizeof ( wm_apmCustomStack );
But in some applications stack size is different. So i like to know how to determine the stack size :question:

Thanks in advance,

I am waiting for the reply…Pls anyone help me

This is a forum for user-to-user discussion - if you want to demand support, you need to contact your Distributor or your Wavecom FAE…

I don’t recall this being documented anywhere; it’s just a matter of trial & error - and speaking to your Distributor

It’s got worse! Not only is there still no guidance on how to estimate these values, there are now 2 different ways to set it - only one of which is even mentioned in the documentation!

See: Undocumented: adl_main, wm_apmCustomStackSize

This really isn’t good enough! :angry:

Even the tools and samples are no consistent - see: viewtopic.php?f=108&t=4943&start=0