wm_apmCustomStackSize / OpenAT 4.10

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Unfortunately, I was not able to figure out from the ADL User Guide what the meaning of wm_apmCustomStackSize is now. Is this the stack size in bytes or in elements of 32bit (as in previous versions, where we had to define the stack variable ourselves)?

Did I miss anything here, or is that indeed not clearly stated in the documentation?

In section 3.1.2 in Note 3 “kilobytes” is mentioned in an e.g. sentence but I think it is missing to explain what the wm_apmCustomStackSize parameter should be in this case. And since according to Note 1 the wm_apmCustomStack constant “is now completely internally processed by the Wavecom OS” I have no definition that I could infer the size of the stack in kilobytes from.

I guess I will be able to find out the true stack size with adl_memGetInfo() but I think this should be clearer in the documentation…

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For all who are interested in this:

this definition:

const u16 wm_apmCustomStackSize = 2048*4;

will result in:
StackSize 8488

(when compiled with the ADS compiler. I remember that I read that there is a multiplier when compiled with gcc)

So it is quite close to the size in Bytes that you specify and not the number of elements (as it was the case in earlier versions of OpenAT).

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